Monday, April 28, 2008

Summer Smurf

Oh I just love this set!! I cant believe they are coming out with a new movie in the fall of 2008. My kids have been watching it on BOOMERANG and some old videos, in preparation. I do have to say that my girls have been fighting over this dress since the day we took pictures---They aren't even 3 yet and fighting about clothes!
Well here it is--Search POPPYST on ebay.


Lynn said...

wow - when is the movie coming out??? LOVE that set! Hope it goes really big!


gumdrop*shop said...

November 2008- it is supposed to be a trilogy :)

Crossing my fingers lynn


LeShayne said...

I LOVE IT! I was a smurf fanatic growing up. I have the sheets, sleeping bag, entire pizza hut glass collection and 12 stuffed animals - still!

I had no idea it was going to be a movie, so excited!

The outfit is too cute!

Willow Tree said...

This is a fantastic set. I loved the smurfs and cant wait to share the movie with my little girl:)