Friday, April 18, 2008

BIRTHDAY Special!!!!

Well it is offical, today is my 32nd birthday. The gray hair keeps coming, and the aches have started. Its funny becasue I remember when my mom was 32, I didn't think she was old. But my boys have no mercy. My oldest,Owen, thinks I had to watch cartoons on the Radio. And, my youngest boy, Aiden tells me that I should stop having birthdays because I am gettting toooooo old!

Well for being 32, with 4 kids I don't feel that old.

Well as a birthday present I am offering 10% off anything bought between now and May 1st. Just email me and let me know .


Nic said...

happy birthday! i'm getting white hair too...on my scalp and in my eyebrows. weirdest thing ever; we really are too young for this!

Lynn said...

Girl...just wait. Chloe shows me no mercy. God Bless whoever invented underwire bras cause I have been receiving many "goofy" comments from the 4 year old about the effects gravity has on this old body! Happy b'day! Oh, and I love the set you just listed!


ps - I agree with nic - we are too young for this!