Friday, February 8, 2008

Question of the day??

So I was wasting time, that I don't have on the computer. I ran across this website, I thought it was fun. Click on the title to this blog and Find out what you are.

***I am a Strawberry***

You are friendly, outgoing, and well liked by many people.
You are popular, but there's nothing you ordinary or average about you.

You a very interesting person, and you have many facets to your personality.
Sometimes you feel very conflicted. Your different sides of your personality pull at you.

You are a very sensual and passionate person. You are fiery... you can't help it.
In general, you keep your passionate side under wraps. You are only wild in private.

1 What do you like about fruit?
a. There's so many different kinds to try
b. It's better for you than eating candy
c. It's a quick snack that you can grab
d. The sweetness
e. The intense flavors
f. That the taste changes as it gets riper

2. People may call you a lot of things, but they're not going to call you...
a. Scared
b. Boring
c. Average
d. High maintenance
e. Weak
f. Mean

3. Why should someone be your friend?
a. You're brilliant and insightful
b. You can offer them help when they are in trouble
c. You are outgoing and caring
d. You're a ton of fun to be around
e. f. You have an interesting take on life

4. You're a refreshing change from most people
a. Secretly, you've always thought that you would make a good:
b. Stand up comic
c. Food, film, or book critic
d. Author
e. Life coach
f. business mogul
g. Pundit

5. Which of these fruit flavors do you like the best?
a. Blueberry
b. Mango
c. Watermelon
d. Tangerine
e. Lime
f. Pineapple

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Anonymous said...

You Are a Banana

You are mellow, easy going, and a total softie on the inside.
People find it really easy to get along with you. You suit most tastes.

And while you're very sweet, you're not boring or ordinary.
You have an attraction to the exotic, and you could show up anywhere... doing almost anything!

You are spirited, energetic, and a total kick to be around.
You're also quite funny. Your sense of humor is on the goofy side, and it fits you well.